FELESA (Fabricación de Elevadores S.L.), appears on the scene at the end of the seventies with the aim of designing, manufacturing and marketing complete lifts and their main components. Today, after more than 30 years and having been the forerunners in this business conception, its foundational objective has been fully consolidated and more than 25,000 lifts have left its facilities destined to a large variety of customers, countries and end users.

The acquired and accumulated knowledge together with proper management, has enabled our customers to decisively carry out the most demanding projects, with the continuous support of a human team that has a high commitment and preparation level..

As a result of its permanent effort to adapt to the sector’s changing needs, FELESA is able to offer an excellent combination of price, delivery time, efficiency and quality of all its products and services, with the conviction that these factors are determinant in order to achieve our customers’ satisfaction.

FELESA has specialised in the supply of complete lifts to foreign countries. The product is supplied in agreement with Directive 95/16/EC in those European countries that require this. It offers its customers an impeccable service to ensure perfect communication.

How to reach us

Fabricación de Elevadores S.L. (FELESA)

Polígono Industrial Río Gállego, calle C, 28 – 2
Tel.: +34 976 69 45 00 Fax.: +34 976 68 47 33 50840

RENFE, Estación Zaragoza-Delicias, a 31.1 Km

Zaragoza Airport, at 38.3 km
AIR EUROPA (Tel: +34 976 712 322)
AIR NOSTRUM (Tel: +34 961 960 200)
(Tel: +34 902 104 643)
RYANAIR (Tel: +34 807 220 220)


The incorporation of latest generation machines and tools, the permanent training and refresher courses that all its personnel attend, the project to enlarge our production plant by more than 4000 squares metres to reach 15,000 and our privileged geographical situation, due to our proximity to important cities, ports and airports, are favourable aspects that enable FELESA to face up to the future as a solvent supplier that is able to offer its customers integral solutions.

The continual investment effort in an efficient information system and production management enables FELESA to plan and discriminate its customers’ orders according to different key parameters and know the real situation of its operations at all times.


FELESA has committed to apply the Quality Management System according to standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 in all its processes The Quality Management System has evolved since 1999 in an attempt to daily improve our customers’ satisfaction and making continuous improvement a means to be able to advance in our processes and build the path towards excellence in management. The corporate “culture” pursues the satisfaction of all the “stakeholders”. Whenever required by the customer, products satisfy the European Parliament Directive 2014/33/EU for which we maintain the H module certificates (for the design, manufacture, assembly installation and final control of lifts) and the E module (for the control and inspection of our own safety components).

The permanent adaptation of our products to market requirements forces us to extend the field of our designs to products situated outside the Directive 2014/33/EU as occurs with the “FHL” homelifts. We possess the certificate for this product, which permits its correct marketing. Continuous improvement, review and improvement, commitment and policy, planning, putting into practice, measurement and assessment.

Mission and values

Our mission consists in designing and offering vertical transport solutions to professionals and companies of the sector, both in the national market and in the export market, via highly competitive products and services.

Our objective is to create a workspace where the entire FELESA team and its stakeholders can share and foster these values, in order to achieve sustainable development based on economic, social and environmental responsibility criteria.